Our workshop is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment which enables us to carry out a vehicle health check.

    All modern vehicles are fitted with various computers, sensors Etc. Which monitor the cars performance. Whenever there is a fault a warning light comes on and a code is stored.

    As soon as the warning light comes on you should have your vehicle checked.

    We are able to check the following:

    Engine Management
    Automatic Gearbox
    ABS & EPS
    Electronic Power Steering
    Central Locking and Alarm • Service Light Resetting

    Air Conditioning

    Misty windows and musty odours? Your air conditioning system can affect the air quality in your car.

    Our air conditioning service ensures that your air conditioning system is working efficiently.

    The service carried out includes:

    In car check for unwanted odours
    Drain and evacuate system
    Check operation of compressor drive belt
    Pollen filter check

    Parts Fitted While You Wait

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    Performance Upgrades

    car servicing

    Full MOTs

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